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CLIF BarCLIF Bars - the Best Energy Bars
An all natural alternative to the average energy bars available. CLIF Bars use many organic ingredients and are jam packed with vitamins and minerals. CLIFF Bars are good nutrition without sacrificing great taste. CLIFF Bars are a perfect energy source for everyone, whether you’re taking a marathon bike ride or getting through your long work day in the office.

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CLIF Natural Energy Bar

CLIF - A Natural Energy Bar
Why feed your body chemicals when you can give it all natural real food like whole grains, protein and fiber. CLIFF Bars are high in protein and fiber. There are no trans fats in CLIFF Bar. For longer sustained energy levels, CLIFF Bar is the best choice.

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CLIFF Bars - Builders and Luna

More Great CLIFF Bars
CLIFF Bars has a wonderful selection of bars to choose from. CLIFF Bars also produces CLIFF Builders, an all natural protein bar and Luna Bars, specifically made for women.

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favorite CLIF bars

CLIFF Bar Blueberry Crisp

CLIFF Bar Blueberry Crisp - An all natural great tasting energy bar //buy now

CLIFF Bar Banana Nut Bread

CLIFF Bar Banana Nut Bread - Yummy combination of bananas, chocolate chips, and crunchy walnuts. //buy now

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